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For nearly a decade now, Ilyo has been providing instruction in Tae Kwon Do for children as young as four and adults willing to take on new challenges later in life. Over the years, Ilyo has created a close-knit and hard working martial arts family. You are welcomed to join!

We hope this website offers some insight to who we are and how Tae Kwon Do could benefit you or your child on multiple levels. You can find a brief introduction to Ilyo's instructors, some history of the beautiful martial art of Tae Kwon Do, schedules, pictures and much more!

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2054 Crossbronx Expressway Bronx, New York 10472 Between Parkchester and Castle Hill

What is Taekwondo?

TaekwondoTaekwondo is a modern martial art, characterized by its fast, high and spinning kicks. There are multiple interpretations of the name Taekwondo. Taekwondo is often translated as 'the way of hand and foot.'

Tae = 'Foot' or 'to kick' or 'to jump'
K'won = 'Fist' or 'to strike or block with hand'
Do = 'The way of' or 'art'

Put this together and Taekwondo means: "The art of kicking and punching" or "The art of unarmed combat. Taekwondo is primarily a kicking art, often with a greater emphasis on the sport aspect of the art. Taekwondo stylists tend to fight at an extended range, and keep opponents away with their feet. It is a hard/soft, external, fairly linear style and is known for being very powerful. There is a lot of competition work in many dojongs. Training tends to emphasize sparring, but has forms, and the basics are important as well."


5 Main Teachings of Ilyo:

  1. Self-Respect
  2. Discipline
  3. Indomitable Spirit
  4. Confidence
  5. Balance